Jose’s First Interview as United Manager: Text Transcript

YouTube – Mourinho’s First Interview as Man Utd Manager!

Interviewer: Jose, congratulations, new Manchester United manager. How do you feel?

Jose: I feel great, um, well, I think I’m in the right moment of my career because Man United is one of these clubs where you need really to be prepared for it because it is, what I used to call, a giant club. And giant clubs must be for the best managers. And I think I’m ready for it, so I could say I’m happy, I’m proud, I’m honoured, I’m everything, but the reality is that what I love is to work, and I cannot wait for the 7th of July to go out on the pitch.

Interviewer: You’ve won trophies everywhere, what are your ambitions for Manchester United?

Jose: I think we can look at our club now in two perspectives – one perspective is the past three years, and another perspective is the club history. I think I prefer to forget the past three years, and I prefer to focus on the giant club that I have in my hands now, and I think what the fans are expecting me to say is that.. I want to win. I think what the players, they need to listen, is that I want to win. And more than that, I need the players and the supporters to feel that I say that, but I think we can really. It is not just to say by saying. So yes, I want to focus on the history of this giant club, and give what I have and what I don’t have – so, I will give absolutely everything to try to go into the direction we all want.

Interviewer: You seem to have had a good rapport with Manchester United fans (Jose says “yeah!”) when you’ve come back with Inter Milan, with Real Madrid, with Chelsea, with the Charity game. What is your message to the Manchester United fans who will be watching this eagerly now?

Jose: You know …  I think I know what they can give me. I think also they know what I can give them. Obviously, the most important thing are the players and the relation that the players establish with them, but I think is very important and curious that I play so many times against Man Utd and I play so many times at Old Trafford with other clubs. And, it was empathy – no problems. In fact, I was pushed by that feeling to say sometimes things that my clubs were not happy with. I remember, for example, when I won at Old Trafford with Real Madrid, I told that the best team lost, and not many people were happy at Real Madrid!


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