Mata, Herrera, Memphis, Carrick and Schneiderlin on Tour 2016

Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Memphis, Michael Carrick and Morgan Schneiderlin spoke exclusively to MUTV on their thoughts on the Tour 2016, presented by AON.

Juan Mata on Tour 2016

How much is everyone looking forward to the tour of China?

Well, I guess everyone is excited that we are going. Personally, I have never been in China so I am looking forward to feel all the support and love from the supporters in China that I guess we have a lot.

Have other players told you what to expect from the fans there?

Yeah, well, Mike, the chef, he told me he was present in China – either Shanghai or Beijing. He told me that the people were really nice and really warm and they welcome the club, and the place is really good. And we are really looking forward to going to China because we know we have a very very large group of fans there.

What kind of games can we expect against two top teams in Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund?

Well, both great teams, great clubs. And obviously, when you play in this kind of competition, you just have to get fit and get ready for the season. But, I think it’s a good experience but we will try to win as we did last season in the States. So, it’s always nice to win that tournament because I think it has very prestigious levels.

What will it be like to play the first ever Manchester Derby in China?

Well, let’s see how it is. It will be special, for sure. There will be a lot of supporters for United and City, Chinese supporters, so a different derby. But it will be, for sure, very nice for them.

There’s no such thing as a friendly game between United and City, is there?

It is difficult to have a friendly game against Manchester City, and teams like this. But at this stage, it is most important to get fit physically and mentally.

What did you make of Dortmund last season and what sort of test do you think they will give us?

Well, I think Borussia Dortmund has been playing great football over the last three years. They played in a Champions League final, they were fighting with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga, and they have a great squad. I really like them, the way they play. I like to watch them on TV, and I think it will be very tough because they are a very offensive team, a quality team.

Ander Herrera on Tour 2016

Ander, we’ll be playing in the International Champions Cup against two really good sides – Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund – what kind of games do you think we can expect?

Overall, what I imagine right now – because it is still far away – that most of these games will be in China. We know how important is Man United there – I realized when we received a lot of posts from them on how they love this club. And we have the opportunity now to go there, to enjoy that week and looking forward to it. We have to play also two important games because they are friendly games, but when you play against top teams, you want to give your best. And what is coming into my mind right now is the people in China, who are going to be crazy with us. We are looking forward to it.

And how beneficial, how good will it be for you to play two strong teams in pre-season?

Yeah, it’s always good. Because when you play against the best players, you always try to give your best, you always try to be fit as soon as possible and that is what we will try to do. We know these are friendly games, but you never want to lose.

Michael Carrick on the first game against Wigan

First game’s always finding your feet really. But apart from that, we’ll just approach the game like any other. Obviously look to win the game, you know – it’s a game of football, and we want to get on the right habits, and create the right feelings and start on the right foot. You want to get in the habit of doing the right things, and getting in the rhythm and routine again, and feeling your way back into it. Of course you want to win the game, you want to get that positive feeling again, and carry that right through pre-season. You’ve been working on certain things in training, all as a team and individually to see where you’re at. Everyone prepares differently, everyone takes different things out of the game knowing that you have to be ready come the start of the season. So, at this stage, the younger ones would probably be flying around and the older ones would probably be feeling their way in a little bit, I’d say!

Memphis on Tour 2016

What kind of games can we expect against Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund?

Yeah, tough games and of course, we will win both games – we have to believe in that. Yeah, it’s pre-season so we’re working on our shape and our system – how we want to play – and yeah, I’m looking forward to that.

How good will it be for you to play two strong teams in pre-season?

Yeah, I think it will help. They are strong teams to play against, and we can see how strong we are in pre-season.

What kind of test will Borussia Dortmund provide?

They are difficult to beat, and they had a great season in Germany. They have a strong team.

There’s no such thing as a friendly game between United and City, is there?

Never, never. And also not in the pre season. So, we will take that game seriously.

What does the derby experience mean to the fans?

It means a lot to the fans. And that’s really important. There’s a great atmosphere before the game, and after the game when you win those games!

Morgan Schneiderlin on Tour 2016

What is your reaction on going to China for Tour 2016?

We have a lot of supportes from that part of the world. We can see in every one of the matches, they wait for us in the stadium and also after the matches.

What are you expecting from the fans?

The people are very passionate. They start to grow in football, the Chinese League – they start to give some very good players. The Chinese, they’re always respectful and we can say that they love football so it will be nice for us to give them a taste.

What’s the biggest thing you have learned about being a Manchester United player?

In every football game, in every training session, you have to be the best – you have to be dedicated to your life, and be dedicated for football. You need to walk out every day, and every day it is a new challenge, and every day you get questioned again about your abilities, so I enjoy it.


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