Post-Match Interviews: 2-0 vs Wigan Athletic (A, Pre-Season)

Date: 16-July-2016

Jose Mourinho


Jose, overall, happy with that today?

Jose: Yes, very happy. The result is obviously, not the most important thing but is always important. But I’m happy with things that we tried in training. Some principles of our play – defensively, offensively that we work in training and I could see them there. Obviously not in a perfect way – the condition is not the best, ten days of training sessions, accumulation of fatigue, no sharpness – this takes time. But I could see different things – they start thinking football the way I think, and that pleases me. And everybody played, and everybody has a positive performance so I’m happy. And the best of all is something that I never had before which is – a friendly match, the first match of the season, a match that I could call it a ‘training session against opposition’, and I never saw something like this – so many supporters, the permanent support to the team, the manifestation of happiness with a few things that I could see in the team, and this is absolutely fantastic. And if this is like this in a friendly match, that what I told in my presentation – if they want something from me, I will try to give them everything and I’m sure they’re giving amazing support to the team.

The new players, Eric Bailly and Mkhitaryan, they seemed to fit in pretty well straight away.

Jose: Yeah. Mkhitaryan is a top class player – probably the best stage for a football player – 27, 28 years old. Magnificent the way he thinks football – he thinks football very very quick; so sweet the way he touch the ball, and this is football. He can play in different positions behind the striker. And at a slow pace – not yet with the sharpness he can do it – I think was positive. And Eric, the way the fans told him that they like it, when I changed him, that’s enough. Of course, very young boy – coming from a completely different environment. But you could see what he is in this moment. I will give him everything to make him better and better and better like I did previously with other very young central defenders that I had in my hands, like for example Varane. And I will try to make him the best I can. But the reality is that he showed all the potential we saw on him when we decided to buy him.

And did some of the young players take their chance? There were 13 or 14 first-team players missing today. Did they take their chances today? Wonderful strike from Pereira for instance.

Jose: Look, you can play 90 minutes or 1 minute, and sometimes 1 minute is enough. Axel, 10 minutes is enough (smiling). 10 minutes is enough. The potential is there, you can see it immediately. You know him better than me of course because you know him for few years, I know him for a couple of weeks. But if anyone sees him for the first time, 10 minutes is enough to see the potential. Then Andreas, lots of talent. Amazing talent he has – incredible vision and incredible technique. It is just to speak about 2, but the reality is that the kids without pressure in a calmer environment, not in the fire, in a cool situation for them was very good for them but very good for me too to see what they can do.

Well done today. Thank you.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan


Henrikh, your debut for United. How did you enjoy that today?

Mkhi: Yeah, I would say that it was a good game. First half was a bit difficult, because I couldn’t – we couldn’t – score a goal. But, whatever, we made a good game. And thank you to my teammates for today.

And did you feel comfortable straight away wearing the Manchester United shirt?

Mkhi: I was trying to feel comfortable, so I think day by day it would be more better.

Andreas Pereira


First, walk us through your goal. Not a bad strike?

Pereira: Yeah, so, I am very happy that I scored this game. And yeah, it was not a bad strike at all.

And how important is it to impress the new manager when you get the opportunity in games like this?

Pereira: I think it’s very important to get some minutes, and to show the manager and show all the team that I can help them. So, I’m very happy that I could show that today.


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