Interview Transcript: Zlatan on his debut in Sweden

Zlatan speaks to MUTV

MUTV caught up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic ahead of his debut match in Sweden against Galatasaray tonight. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m feeling good. I mean during the holidays, I’ve been training also because I like to keep myself activated, active, so feel good now after 2-3 days with the team. I’m getting to know the players outside and inside the pitch. So, very excited and yeah, looking forward for the first game.”

“They seem to be good guys, and quality players. They train very hard and during the training, they are very focused and the coach – he’s direct, he’s concrete, he says what he wants and the players – they adapt. So, only positive things.”

“I mean, let’s see by the games. Slowly, slowly, you arrive to a 100 percent. So, I’m training every day, I’m very focused, I’m working hard, because I believe in working hard and not only in the games, even in the training. The way you train is the way you play in the games. And that is my philosophy. So, working hard, training hard, feeling good. And, then you need to get the rhythm by the games, so to play the games, you get the rhythm.”

“You can see it’s a huge club. There are fans everywhere. I can see when I am in the center city, they have a lot of red shirts but everywhere – in the papers, in the social media, you can see people going crazy. And that’s nice, because it means something is going on.”

“To make the debut team in my country – so, will feel great. I mean, I’m coming with my team to Sweden. It’s not the first time – I’ve been a couple of times with different teams, and they always make me feel welcome, and for sure, they will do it this time also.”


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