Post-Match MUTV Interview: Jose Mourinho (0-1 win vs Hull City, PL)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.19.45 AM
Jose Mourinho speaks to MUTV

Interviewer: Jose, we used to call it Fergie time when United used to score in stoppage time. Did you enjoy your first taste of that as United manager?

Jose: I’m happy – that for many, many, many, many years – Man United fans still call it Fergie time. I’m more than happy with that, such a legend in the club, I’m more than happy to say that – “we won at Fergie time”. I’m more than happy with that.

Interviewer: Did you at any point think that this is just not going to happen for us?

Jose: No. Until the last second. Because if we win, it is not a miracle – it is just a consequence of what we were doing on the pitch. We finished the game with Valencia and Luke Shaw playing as wingers. We played with Rooney and Mkhitaryan in the inside, we play with Zlatan and Marcus Rashford, strikers. We play with Paul, behind these two lines. So, we went with everything. We put everything, every ammunition on the pitch. And the intensity, and the rhythm of the game, and the creation of chances, and the diversity of the football we were playing – we should score before, we had chances to score before. But I have also to say, a Man United man like Mike Phelan organized his wall in an amazing way, with a fantastic spirit, trying everything to stop us, and they were almost successful on that.

Interviewer: And you have such a strong squad, with players that can make a genuine impact. And this is I guess, what we saw today.

Jose: This is the squad, and I have to make decisions. But the squad is there, waiting for me with lots of solutions. And they are working so well during the week that I trust that they are ready to come and to give an important contribution. So, of course, I am really happy.

Interviewer: What we saw today shows why the Premier League is so watched around the world. One team attacking, one team defending, pouring with rain, last minute winner. Crazy game.

Jose: Yeah, and could happen that they win. They went well with a shot, deflected, de Gea goes to one side, ball goes to corner. If the ball goes in, they win. But I think we shouldn’t be afraid of this. We want to win matches, we have to take our risks, and today we got two amazing points in the last couple of minutes.

Interviewer: Well, thanks very much for that. Cheers.


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