Post-Match Press Conference: Jose Mourinho (0-1 win vs Hull City, PL)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.53.06 AM
Jose speaks to the media. Video courtesy Beanyman Sports YouTube Channel.

Jose: Ah, here we go.

Interviewer: When you were standing there in the rain in that match there, and chance after chance was going a-begging, was it a test of your patience?

Jose: Hmm. I was expecting a difficult match. And at half-time, I told them that we were playing against a very well organized wall with an amazing spirit, with every player fighting for every ball. And we couldn’t give them rest-time. We couldn’t play glimpses of 3-4-5 minutes – good, intense – and then let it go down. It should always be intense, intense, intense, intense. And I think we did that very well because every time we lost the ball, we recovered the ball 2 seconds later. And they had no chance to rest, they had no chance to have the ball in the second half. And we were just going and going and going and going, a new wave of attack, and I think when we brought the kid to the game, we gave them a diversity in football. Because we start playing in different way. And of course, you need a little bit of luck to score, and in the end, we should clearly score before. So, I’m very happy and I think we deserve completely. But I also have to say that Hull City played their game to get their point in a fantastic game.

Interviewer: Are you impressed with the kid since you arrived at the club, Rashford?

Jose: He’s very good. He’s very good. I know that he’s very good since last season but working with him everyday, I think the same. And, the two matches where we were needing a winning goal – against Leicester and now today – he came on and he give us diversity in our football. Because he’s different than Rooney, he’s different than Zlatan, so I’m really happy with him, but also I’m really happy with the squad and with the team.

Interviewer: I just wanted to tell you how different you are to Louis van Gaal, and how much players change. Have you had to change a lot, because its a lot more exciting watching Man United now? Have you had to change a lot of the players’ mindsets to get them back to…?

Jose: No. Examples are the ways you think football. And I think the most important thing is that you train related to what you want. And the way we train, we try to give the players the conditions to play the way we want them to play. We don’t defend man-to-man. Our defenders, they don’t chase their opponents, they play zonal. When we have the ball, we have some players that become triggers of our movement. And the movement we try to make is in front of the ball, not behind the ball. Because behind the ball is just a safety pass line, and we don’t want to play many times the safety pass line. So, we play – we are playing different, we have a lot to improve, but the players are very good. I have to say the players are very good players, so they make my work easier.

Interviewer: Jose, is it going to be hard to keep Rashford out when he has an impact like that on the match, clearly the match winner? Or, is he going to accept maybe that coming off the bench is…?

Jose: It’s not the match winner that makes me change my mind. The match winner, of course, is great. But it is the little bit the same when a player makes a defensive mistake and you lose because of it. If the player is playing very very well, you are not going to drop the player because he made a mistake. I have two weeks before the next match, I have to analyze the opponent, I have to see the way my boys are coming from the national teams, because they are going to arrive just a couple of days before that game.

Interviewer: I ask the question because the next game is Manchester City, and he scored a fantastic goal against Manchester City last season.

Jose: Yeah, he can play, but he can also be on the bench. I don’t know. I have to analyze. The important thing is that he’s working very well, he’s 18 years old. Our striker no. 1, if you can say that, because he is our target man – is also an amazing player, to play together with him. Because Zlatan is not just a goal scorer, he’s a player who likes to associate, and to drop back, and to open spaces for the second man. We are starting the matches with the second man behind Zlatan. We can start matches, or some matches, with the player in front of Zlatan, with Zlatan a little bit behind. So, the kid is going to play a lot of matches, for sure.

Interviewer: As a combination, how dangerous can they be, with the both of them on the pitch together?

Jose: But we have to be dominant. Very dominant. Because to play that way, we must be very very dominant. If the opponent has the ball, they can hurt us. Because then, we will be more exposed. So, it is a question of find the right balance. But today, I saw the team so dominant – I saw the way Fellaini and the two central defenders were controlling everything in counter-attack – long, high, short – that I was very comfortable to do that. But, now I think that I am going to lose Fellaini for a while.

Interviewer: What does it say for your team spirit to score in the 92nd minute, and how have you developed that so quickly?

Jose: You know, I was telling them at half time that – today is Saturday, so … – on the training session on Wednesday, they were more aggressive, more competitive, faster, more intense than the first half today. And I told them when you train this way on the training session on Wednesday, I had to stop the session because it was too much. Give me that in the second half. So, there is a relation between the way they are training, and the way they are playing and the way they are syncing. Very good, I am very happy. Long way to go, we have a lot to improve. We will have ups and downs during the season but I think for the first month – 4 matches, 4 victories, 9 points, 1 Community Shield – it couldn’t be better for us. Fellaini has a muscular injury in his back, and it’s not good. I think he has to go, and they have to look at him, but I think he has to travel. (How long do you think he’ll be out?) I don’t like to say that, but it’s bad.


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