Pre-Match Press Conference: Jose Mourinho (Stoke City at Home, 2nd October, PL)

Jose speaking to the media about Stoke

Interviewer: Are you surprised with Stoke’s start to the season?

Jose: Can happen. It can happen. But I am sure that in the end of May, they will be in the Stoke area in the table. They will be there. So, I play against a good manager and good players. That’s the important thing for me. The table – it is just a moment, just a period – and they will go over it for sure.

Interviewer: Jose, before that game then, will you have players back? Mkhitaryan, Shaw, Blind – who wasn’t in the squad today, presumably rested – what’s the situation ahead of the game injury wise?

Jose: Phil Jones is the only one I can say, important injury – and definitely out for more weeks to come. Mkhi is training now with the team, Luke is due – hopefully, tomorrow he trains with the team too, so we are fine. In terms of our condition, we are fine.

Interviewer: You have highlighted the difficulty with Stoke, but you also play Chelsea and Manchester City. Do you think October will be a defining month for you, where you will know more about your players?

Jose: Every game I know more about my players that are on the pitch. Obviously, I would like to have other players playing more, so I can see more, learn more about them. Today I had in my mind to play… to give Memphis 20-25 minutes, but I couldn’t because of the way I had to make the changes, and then with the problem with Timboo, I had to play a right back. But, we need the squad. That’s for sure. The Europa League is the competition that disturbs more than the other competitions because you play Thursdays.

Interviewer: Do you see October as a huge month, because every game is massive?

Jose: Every game is massive, Watford was a massive game – we lost three points against Watford. Not different than the three points we lost against Man City. So, every game for me, is important. But you are right – we have some big opponents in October, but that is also motivation.

Interviewer: That’s ten games for you so far at Man United. Are you still getting to grips with what your squad can do, or are you happy with where you are some ten games in?

Jose: I need time, I need the players to play, I need to see them in different circumstances, I need to understand more about them. There are so many, and so much to learn about the players that only when you work with them long long time that you know them well. There is always a surpise behind the door, when you work with a team for 3 or 4 or 5 months – there is always a surprise.


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